Make big corporations pay their fair share.

Currently, big corporations like Chevron are reaping billions of dollars per year off the property tax code. California has the world’s 6th largest economy. Big corporations and the wealthy are making more money than ever.  Make It Fair lets Californians fight back — making these corporations pay their fair share.

Fund local schools and vital services.

Make It Fair will bring funding where it can do the most good — into our neighborhoods.  Closing California’s commercial property tax loophole restores $9 Billion for schools, community colleges and other vital community services, including health clinics, trauma care and emergency rooms, parks, libraries and public safety.

Protect small business.

The corporate loophole in Prop 13 makes small businesses major losers by undermining their ability to compete. Billionaire investors and big corporations that own more than $1 million in real estate currently pocket 90% of the money from the commercial property tax loophole. Make It Fair levels the playing field for small businesses, providing tax breaks for small businesses to allow them to compete, and improving the business climate for new investment, stimulating economic growth and creating jobs.